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  • Veterinary Instrument Repair Services To Keep Your Facility Going

    Posted on August 9, 2018 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    STERIS Animal Health is a leading provider of surgical instrument repair, sharpening, and restoration services.

    We understand the importance of quality instruments and what you rely on to successfully do your job. When your instruments don’t work properly, the task at hand can often become more challenging and even prevent you from performing at your very best.

    We are dedicated to providing services that not only help you do your job well, but also remove extra worry, so that you can focus on what you do best—caring for your patients.

    Our instrument repair services include:

    • Sharpening for general stainless instruments, including clipper blades
    • Color coding and instrument identification
    • Needle holder re-jawing
    • Pin cutter repair and many more!

    If you have any questions about our repair services or reprocessing products, please reach out to us at 1-844-540-9810.

    Check out our full repair capabilities

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  • 5 Quick Tips for Instrument Care & Handling

    Posted on July 5, 2018 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    Your instruments are important to you. You use them every single day on the job.

    Even though instruments are strong and sturdy to do their job and withstand the repeated sterilization process, they are still very fragile and can cost you unnecessary money if they are not handled properly.

    Here are five quick tips to help ensure that your instruments stay in top shape and are ready to perform at the best of their abilities:

    1. Always carefully inspect instruments for cracks, pitting and alignment issues, before placing them back into service.

    2. Be sure to keep all box locks and ratchets in an open positon, during autoclaving and the sterilization process.

    3. Remember to lubricate all moving parts with Spectra-Lube every time the instruments are reprocessed.

    4. Protect small/micro and delicate instruments by placing them in a tray lined with a silicone mat.

    5. Use tip protectors to protect sharp edges and delicate points on instruments, such as osteotomes, gauges and chisels.

    We hope these tips are very useful to you and your practice. If you have any further questions about proper care and handling, maintenance and repair, or our reprocessing products, feel free to reach out to one of our Customer Care Representatives at 1-844-540-9810.


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  • Reprocess Your Instruments with Ease and Confidence

    Posted on May 22, 2018 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments


    Do you dread having to clean and reprocess your instruments?

    The cleaning and sterilizing of your instruments may not be a quick or simple task, but it is certainly a vital one to keep your clinic in full-working order without hiccups, and to help ensure patient safety and surgeon satisfaction.

    We at STERIS Animal Health understand that dirty jobs, like this one, can be a loathsome task, especially when you don’t have the proper tools or solutions to get the job done right.

    Why would anyone want to do a job, if they know at the end, it might not be done as well as it could have been?  That is why we would like to share with you our full line of reprocessing solutions:


    Spectra-Moist: A spray-on solution to keep your instruments moist for hours, preventing blood and bioburden from drying onto the instruments before you wash them.

    Spectra-Soap: This surgical instrument cleaning soap is a high-suds detergent with rust inhibitor and neutral pH.

    Spectra-Sonic: A low-suds detergent for your ultrasonic cleaner that contains a neutral pH and rust inhibitor.

    Spectra-Lube: Save money and eliminate messy milk baths! Lube your instruments where they specifically need it. With this spray-on, water-based lubricant, you can help prolong the life of your instruments.

    Spectra-Scrub: Have some instruments that need some extra-good-lovin’? Try some of this easy-to-use, non-abrasive scrub, and remove pesky stains without smelly fumes.

    Spectra-Wipes: Have some instruments that have lost their shine? Use these trusty wipes to help you polish and remove rust, stains, water deposits, and discoloration from your surgical instruments.

    Spectra-Clave: A spray-on cleaner to help reduce deposits and stains on the internal walls of your autoclave.

    Spectra-Soak: A “cold soak” solution that is safe and effective for your surgical instruments made of metal, glass, rubber, and plastic.


    From the first step to the last, our full line of cleaning solutions offers everything you need to help ensure that you are able to fight bioburden like a total boss!

    Now you can finish your job with satisfaction and enter the next procedure with confidence.  Oh, and did we mention that ALL of these products are on sale until June 30th?  That’s right, you can save up to 20% off on ALL of our cleaning products! Even our brushes!

    So, what better reason to make your life easier, than to take advantage of this scrubbin’-good offer and call us today at 1-844-540-9810?  Thanks for choosing STERIS Animal Health as your trusty sidekick, to help you take on microbes like the superhero you are!


    Your friends, STERIS Animal Health Team


    PS…Be on the lookout for some new blogs coming your way, where we will discuss and share some exclusive tips on the care & handling or your instruments. We’re pretty stoked about that!


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  • Otoscopes Now On Sale!

    Posted on February 23, 2018 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    STERIS Animal Health is proud to offer two new Veterinary Otoscope kits (VOS-2 & VOS-3). Our rigid otoscopes can help diagnosis of ear, nose, and throat diseases in animals. Both kits include a portable light source, biopsy forcep, grasping forcep, dual stopcock, and hardshell carrying case.

    For a limited time all Otoscopes and Otoscope kits are one sale.  Shop until March 31, 2018 to take advantage of this special offer!

    View all Otoscopes

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  • ABCs of Instrument Care

    Posted on June 26, 2017 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    Do you know the fundamentals of surgical instrument care?

    Proper instrument care can protect your investment and facilitate better surgical technique.

    Download of free guide, and use these tips to clean up your approach.

    We also offer veterinary surgical instrument and device repair services, learn more.

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  • Take a Closer Look at the Different Surgical Instrument Handles and What Differentiates Each

    Posted on May 23, 2017 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    Ever wonder what the colored handles mean on surgical instruments?

    Watch our brief overview video explaining the four different handles and the properties that set each of them apart.

    The four types of handles reviewed include:

    1. German Stainless
    2. Gold Tungsten Carbide
    3. High Gold Tungsten Carbide
    4. Black Super Cut

    All four types include our Lifetime Warranty on repairs.

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  • Clipper Blade Sharpening

    Posted on November 15, 2016 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    IMS Animal Heath provides repair services for a wide range of veterinary instruments and surgical devices, including; thumb forceps, rongeurs, hemostats, needle holders, scissors, osteotomes, gouges and elevators, and clipper blades and clipper motors.

    One question we frequently encounter is when a customer should or shouldn’t send in their clipper blades for sharpening.

    If the metal ridge on your clipper blade is flat and worn down, the blade cannot be re-sharpened. If the metal ridge is present, we are able to re-sharpen your clipper blade.

    Below is a visual guide to show you when a clipper blade has become life worn:

    clipper blade sharpening

    If your clipper blade is capable of being re-sharpened, we will sharpen your blade and send it back to you within 1-15 business days. Make sure to follow the proper procedure when sending in your blade to be sharpened; as of August 15th 2016, we have put a policy change into place that has modified our repair forms, which are necessary to process your repair. In addition to the information you already provide such as the model number and reported problem, you are required to specifically acknowledge that the device has been cleaned and decontaminated in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

    When sending in your clipper blade to be sharpened, we ask that you wrap them in bubble wrap, newspaper, or paper towel to make sure that the teeth do not get broken during shipping.

    For more Animal Health Division repair information, please call our National Repair center at 844-540-9810 or email us.


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  • Is it Rust or Stain on Your Surgical Instrument?

    Posted on October 31, 2016 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    Proper care and handling of surgical instruments is a key factor to saving your investment. Without the proper care, stains and rusting can occur on Stainless Steel Instrumentation

    Both rust and stain appears on instruments in a brown-orange color, often making it difficult for users to distinguish the two apart. While both may appear to be similar, understanding when a mark is rust or a stain is important in order to properly clean affected tools and make them ready for use again. Knowing how to test whether a mark is rust or a stain on your utensils will save you time and money and will ensure that your tools are treated properly.

    The next time you see a brown-orange color appear on an instrument, follow this tip on how to tell if it’s rust or a stain: use a standard pencil eraser to determine the source of discoloration. Rub the eraser into the mark, and take note of what happens next.

    If the discoloration is removed and the metal underneath shines with a smooth and clean look, the mark is only a stain. If a pit mark appears under the discoloration, then the mark is corrosion and/or rust.

    No matter if there is rust or stain on your instruments, IMS Animal Health offers a wide variety of products intended to help remove and clean marks, including Spectra-Scrub Stain Remover, Stain/Rust Remover Pads, and Spectra-Wipes.

    Keep your utensils bright, clean, and shiny for a long life of use by properly treating rusted and stained instruments. For more information on keeping your utensils clean, contact IMS Animal Health or call 844-540-9810.

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  • Spectrum Surgical Attends the Southwest Veterinary Symposium in Fort Worth, Texas

    Posted on September 23, 2014 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    Visit Spectrum Surgical Booth 426 at the Southwest Veterinary Symposium and see the most comprehensive display of veterinary surgical instruments and surgery packs available.

    Spectrum Surgical will attend the Southwest Veterinary Symposium (SWVS), September 25-28 in Fort Worth, TX, where thousands of veterinary technicians and team members gather for continuing education, interactive labs and networking.

    At the conference, Spectrum Surgical will display a variety of veterinary instruments and equipment from dental instruments such as elevators, probes/explorers, root tip forceps, and scalers, to complete surgery packs.

    Spectrum Surgical, a leader in providing pre-configured surgery packs containing the most commonly used surgical instruments, will have instruments available at special discounted pricing during the conference.

    Attendees can view the veterinary surgical instruments and packs by visiting Spectrum Surgical at Booth 426.

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  • Free* Shipping for ALL online orders $75 or more!

    Posted on August 26, 2014 by Spectrum Veterinary Instruments

    Class has resumed, enjoy the following SAVINGS!

    FREE* Shipping for ALL online orders $75 or more. Use Code SHIP4FREE on the Shopping Cart Page.

    Shop ADDITIONAL SAVINGS on veterinary instruments, surgery packs + cleaning solutions. Hurry, all offers end in ONE WEEK!

    *All offers apply for online orders only until Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at midnight (EST). Free Shipping excludes all instrument care solutions.

    veterinary instrument sale

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