Clipper Blade Sharpening

IMS Animal Heath provides repair services for a wide range of veterinary instruments and surgical devices, including; thumb forceps, rongeurs, hemostats, needle holders, scissors, osteotomes, gouges and elevators, and clipper blades and clipper motors.

One question we frequently encounter is when a customer should or shouldn’t send in their clipper blades for sharpening.

If the metal ridge on your clipper blade is flat and worn down, the blade cannot be re-sharpened. If the metal ridge is present, we are able to re-sharpen your clipper blade.

Below is a visual guide to show you when a clipper blade has become life worn:

clipper blade sharpening

If your clipper blade is capable of being re-sharpened, we will sharpen your blade and send it back to you within 1-15 business days. Make sure to follow the proper procedure when sending in your blade to be sharpened; as of August 15th 2016, we have put a policy change into place that has modified our repair forms, which are necessary to process your repair. In addition to the information you already provide such as the model number and reported problem, you are required to specifically acknowledge that the device has been cleaned and decontaminated in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

When sending in your clipper blade to be sharpened, we ask that you wrap them in bubble wrap, newspaper, or paper towel to make sure that the teeth do not get broken during shipping.

For more Animal Health Division repair information, please call our National Repair center at 844-540-9810 or email us.


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